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We want your 'Scrap' and 'End of Life' vehicles!

We are specialist car breakers for all end of life vehicles. Whatever make or model your car is, whether it is an MOT failure or is just taking up space on your drive, then contact us today. Most importantly, we are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF site) registered with the Environment Agency, Registration number: EAWML10093

•   Do we charge for vehicle disposal?

No - we make no charge for vehicle disposal, in fact, we will pay you for your old vehicle! If you have an old vehicle you want to dispose of and you live within the Margate/Dover/Folkestone/Canterbury loop call us on 01304 613198 and we will make arrangements with you for collection.

•   Sign-over/Waste transfer documentation

When a vehicle is brought in for disposal we ask for proof of ownership, usually in the form of a V5, and some personal ID that matches the address. We confirm the vehicle details and issue a Certificate of Destruction, a copy of which is filed with the DVLA. We retain the V5 form for our records.

'End of life' vehicles - an environmentally friendly process

•   Fluids drained

Fluids that may possibly leak from the vehicle during the dismantling process are removed so they don't contaminate the water table or drainage systems. The fluids are stored in specially designed tanks and registered Recycling Agents remove them for reprocessing or disposal. Approx 85% of the vehicle fluids are reclaimed.

•   Pre-dismantling

Battery, wheels and tyres are removed to reprocessing storage areas. Unsalable or damaged tyres and batteries are stored for disposal to a Waste Regenerator.

•   Self-service yard

We move the vehicle to our self-service yard where customers may remove any of the remaining spares for themselves. Parts are nominally charged for - prices available on entry to the yard or by phone.

•   Crushed and recycled

Once a vehicle has been 'stripped' or has little, or no, saleable spares remaining it will be crushed. A car flattener crushes the shells into large flat rectangles which
are fragmented for metal recovery and recycling.

If it's metal - we buy it!

We purchase and handle large tonnages of Steel and Iron, all of which is sorted and processed at our yard. The materials are sourced from works contracts and 'through the gate' custom. After processing the material is delivered either to local steel works or is exported.

•   Non-ferrous metals: Copper, Brass, etc...

We purchase all forms of non-ferrous metals and are always in the market for materials such as Copper, Brass, Gun Metal, Bronzes, Stainless, Nickels and Alloys. The materials are graded on site in our warehouse prior to delivery to foundries within the UK or abroad.

•   Skip Service

We offer a free skip service for METALS ONLY. If you have bulk quantities of metals for disposal on your premises give us a call to arrange for a skip to be delivered and collected. This may be organised as either a 'one off' or on a regular basis.

Zen Car Factors - skip

Opening hours:

Monday through Friday
8.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday 8.00am - 12.00